the dieline interview: redefining expectations


Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Richard Shear, sat down with The Dieline for an in-depth interview to discuss the creative process behind the launch of an innovative new product. Introducing, XOXO condoms by Trojan. Smart, sexy, confident. This brand new condom includes softouch latex and aloe-infused lubricant. The brand's most unique value proposition is that the product it's designed for everyone's pleasure. Safe is the new sexy!

When redefining the expectations of the condom category, considering client vision, consumer needs, as well as category influences like emotions and attitudes are key in developing a relevant and resonant product. Here are the most significant challenges Invok overcame when creating Trojan XOXO.

1. Understanding the user’s relationship to the product. The perception and usage patterns of this product are complex, emotional and often complicated by societal expectations. So the overriding challenge encountered at every step of the program was to understand these emotional complexities and let them motivate and inspire, not limit, our design exploration.

2. Redefining category expectations. This assignment was defined, and XOXO’s success will be judged only by consumers. Whether they feel the brand offers them an enhanced experience that is relevant to their lifestyle. Our challenge was to define that relevance in a clear and appropriate way.

3. Creating a brand and package that appeals to both sexes and drives usage. In the end XOXO is about personal control over a healthy lifestyle, for both women and men. By supporting the interests of both genders we hope to inspire independence, drive product usage, and enhance safety for all.

4. Doing all of this within the complex parameters required by law and outlined by Church & Dwight. In the end this is a regulated commercial product that must meet the legal, regulatory, and commercial issues of the modern retail market. During the entire 2-year development process we worked closely, as part of a cross-functional team, with all of Church & Dwight’s marketing, research, product development, sales, product production, packaging and legal teams.

Learn more about the new XOXO condoms by Trojan and celebrate our GDUSA 2018 win

Devon Luxmore-Rousset