building a package design agency


At this past year's HOW Design Live Conference, partner and Chief Creative Officer, Richard Shear, sat down with creator and entrepreneur, Jake Jorgovan, for a podcast interview to discuss what it's like to build a successful design agency.

Since his college days, Richard has learned the ins and outs of the industry while being actively involved in the art and design community. Growing up in a studio environment with the support of architect parents and gaining a diverse background education in both graphic and sculptural design contributed to Richard’s strong foundation in his creative pursuits. His experience in corporate identity, independent consulting and work within a growing firm peaked his entrepreneurial interests which eventually led him to found his own agency.

When Richard's former firm was struggling financially, he took his three founding clients and started his own agency. Richard, worked tirelessly over the summer to build his agency, self taught and driven by his passion. Years later his wife, Pamela Shear, joined the team lending her abundant expertise and talent in both business and creative. 

Boasting an impressive roster of clients from Pernod Ricard and Johnson & Johnson to Revlon, with offices in both New York and Toronto, Invok has specialized in the creation, extension and innovation of medium to large iconic brands. Richard attributes the agency's success to long, stable client relations built through deeply knowing and understanding a client's business and implementing strategy into the design work.

Outside the office, Richard is actively involved in giving back to the industry through education. A founding faculty member at the School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding Program in New York City, Richard's work in the office has proven invaluable in the classroom, prepping the next generation of strategic thinkers. The diverse student community Richard has helped foster over the past 8 years has helped his business as he has gained wonderful clients from his students.

At the end of the day it truly shows that passion, persistence and charity goes a long way.

Learn more about Invok and the exciting packaging projects you'll want to bring home and enjoy.

Devon Luxmore-Rousset